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Colour Analysis

A colour analysis consultation with Looking Good will help you to understand the colours, shades and tones that complement your natural colouring - making you feel more self assured and able to project the right image whatever the occasion.

A rack of colourful scarvesDuring the colour analysis Alison sainsbury will demonstrate the importance of harmony between your skin tone, hair colour, make-up and the colours you wear.

Please note this service is only available in the Loughborough studio.

Alison breaks her colour analysis consultation into three main areas:

Skin care
I remove your make-up before the colour session with natural pH balanced products and can discuss with you any problem areas and respond with advice on the most appropriate products to care for your skin before progressing to make-up application.
Your colours
Using a selection of scarves and fabric swatches I will show you what colours are most suited to you and how to co-ordinate and combine colours to make the most of your wardrobe. You will receive a personalised wallet containing 33 of your most flattering colours which is yours to keep for future shopping trips – ensuring you keep to the right shades and tones to create a versatile and complementary wardrobe.
Make-up advice
To enhance your overall colour analysis experience I will give you a mini make-over using the very latest products on the market to complement your unique skin tone and accentuate your best features. If you are interested in receiving a more in-depth skincare and make-up consultation I would be happy to book this after your colour analysis as part of our follow on service.

Looking Good’s colour analysis can be combined with a style analysis consultation either after the colour analysis or at suitable interval. Looking Good’s colour analysis experience is available to individuals, family and groups of friends or colleagues at an introductory Colour Discovery Workshop.

Colour wheel showing summer colours
Colour wheel - summer colours

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