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Personal Image Hints and Tips

  1. Wearing the right colours

    • Gives an instant face lift by strengthening the jaw and neck line
    • Makes you look healthier and eyes more vibrant
    • Appears to make fine lines or blemishes less noticeable.
  2. Hair

    • Do not try to imitate your hair colour of 20 years ago. This will only make you look older, not younger
    • A good hair cut will take years off the face age.
  3. Personal Image

    • Wearing the right necklines, lengths of skirts and jackets will ensure you always look good and feel good
    • Avoid choosing clothes that stretch across the chest or stomach as they will be very unflattering.
  4. Accessories

    • Accessories can make or break an outfit – and can also bring an outfit up to date
    • It can be more difficult to have as much fun with accessories if wearing more patterned clothes
    • Accessories reflect your personality in style, scale and colour
    • Wearing the right hosiery and shoes with an outfit can make all the difference between looking OK and looking good
    • Scarves can be very flattering and can help hide a ‘tummy’ as well as add a ‘touch of colour’ round the face if wearing more neutral shades of blue, brown, black etc.
  5. Skincare

    • Every artist needs a good canvas so a good complexion is essential for applying make-up
    • A pH balanced Cleanser, toner and moisturiser is an important step in fighting the free radicals that damage our skin as we age
    • 2/3 of skin damage is done by light – so it is important to look after your skin
    • Avoid certain ingredients in skincare such as alcohol which removes the skin’s natural pH acidic level and petrolatum that clogs the pores
  6. make-up

    • Choose colour harmonised cosmetics that suit your skin tone
    • Blend well to enhance your natural beauty and avoid tide marks.
  7. Questions to ask yourself:

    • Are you wearing your clothes or ……..are your clothes wearing you?
    • Do you have a wardrobe of clothes and ‘nothing to wear?
    • Do you know what colours and styles of clothes suit you?
    • Do you have a good skincare routine?
    • Has your skin tone changed during the past few years and have you altered your cosmetics to reflect this?
  8. Conclusion

    • You never get a second chance to make a first good impression
    • You should be noticed for your overall appearance
    • If you look good, you will feel good and therefore more confident about yourself.

Appearance accounts for 55% of a first impression
… let us help you create a lasting one!