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Testimonials for Alison Sainsbury of Looking Good


Thanks for recommending the eye cream, I really like it and just to tell you that the mascara is fantastic! I'm enjoying it so much.

Wanda, Maidenhead

It's amazing the number of favourable comments I get about my new look. All thanks to you.

Phil, Loughborough

It has been a journey of discovery in such a small time. I now have fewer items in my wardrobe but I wear all of them.

Jane, London

I was a ‘wow’ at the company do last night, thanks to you. I bought an outfit that I wouldn't normally have considered and I felt great in it.

Veronica, Maidenhead

I just wanted to say thank you for Friday. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at my Colour Analysis. My husband thought I had had a facial so something clearly worked ! Thank you for your time. You are clearly very good at what you do and enjoy it too.

Emma, Loughborough

Ellie and I had a great time with your colour analysis. I always knew that it was going to be good but it got even better when I hit the shops!! It makes my shopping a lot easier and a lot more fun and in half the time. I always get compliments with my new colour and accessories and it make me feel good. It had been the number one highlight of my year by far and for sure I will recommend all my friends to you.

Jeannie, France

The day that changed the Wall Flower forever!
A chance conversation with a friend in a spa told me of her experience with a Stylist that showed her “her colours” and walked through what styles to wear. I have to admit I was a little sceptical to start with, how would having my colours and styles change me? Well it did, not only did it show me what colours looked fabulous on me but also showed me that the colours I chose to hide in only made my skin and me look worse. Having the colour swatch book gives me much more confidence now when I go shopping. I can ignore complete areas of the shops now if the colours do not harmonise. I now have fewer items in my wardrobe but I wear all of them. I no longer hide in Black and have transformed my wardrobe and best of all, others have noticed the change and difference in me.

I can’t thank Alison enough, it’s been a journey of discovery in such a small time. Who would have thought that a change in the colours that you wear would have an impact on your confidence. No more Wall Flower : )

Angela, Middx

Note from Alison: Angela has recently married and I went and helped with the bridal wedding make-up.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic

Natural Winners Neal's YardI am loving the Frankincense skincare range – it smells wonderful. Although, I have only been using it for a couple of weeks or so, a couple of people have recently said that my skin is looking good, without me even asking! I have never been told that before. Pretty amazing for a more mature woman!!
The hair treatment is really wonderful. Got rid of frizz and dryness in one treatment and left my hair smooth and very shiny. Love it!!!

Gill, Maidenhead

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